RS ASN filtering

Or how to registering downsteam peers to be allowed on our RS for your peering session.

Our configuration manager will use information published by you to automatically configure your downstreem peering at CNX. As base of the configuration we are using AS-SET object stored in the RIR whois database and information published in the database.

How registering of downstream peers work:

  • Create an AS-SET with APNIC (or your RIR)
  • Add all your downstream peers as members to the AS-SET
  • Register your organisation with
  • Add your AS-SET as IRR Record to your peeringdb entry

Once your configuration has been added, our configuration tool will automatically pick up the configuration change and create the correct configuration for you. AS-SET naming convention is traditionally, organization name prefixed with AS, e.g. AS-SABAY, you can check if someone uses that AS set already by querying whois (see below).

You can check if your AS-SET has the correct information with the following whois command

whois -h '!iAS-SABAY' # Sabay AS-SET

If you do not have any downstream peers you want to announce to CNX, then there is no need for you to setup a AS-SET. However we still encourage you to create a peeringDB entry and to add your peering with CNX. This will help others to discover CNX and with increased membership and more traffic, costs can be reduced for everyone.