Established in 2008, the Cambodian Network Exchange (CNX) is a not-for-profit, open and neutral Internet Exchange that serves to enhance the Internet environment for local IP traffic in Cambodia.

CNX is a subsidiary of Sabay Digital Corporation Ltd, a fully licensed ISP operating in the Kingdom of Cambodia under the license No. 046 TRC/RDU granted on October 05th 2015 by the Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia (TRC).

The exchange has 3 peering locations in Phnom Penh that allow for gigabit peering and provide operational redundancy.

We see our role as facilitator in the deployment of services over the Internet in Cambodia by allowing the efficient exchange of traffic, reducing latency and ensuring sustainable performance for bandwidth-intensive services for end-users.

To further improve the robustness and availability of the Internet, CNX is hosting critical infrastructure to support the global DNS network. We are supported in this effort by Packet Clearing House (PCH), Netnod, APNIC and RIPE:

  • D Root Server (University of Maryland)
  • E Root Server (NASA Ames Research Center)
  • I Root Server (NetNod)
  • AS112 (RFC 1918 addresses space)