January 2017 CNX service and port fees.

At CNX we only charge a flat port fee and special use cases (PI and CUG), there are no traffic, usage or membership fees.

For new ISP peers we will waive the port charges on your first 1GE port until traffic reaches 100mbps (in/out agg) per month.

Port fees and service fees (per month)

Service Fee Notes
1GE port $100
10GE port $400
40GE port $1000
PI $20 per Private Interconnect
CUG $50 per Closed User Group
1U colo $100 Co-location for 1U*

10GE and 40GE ports are available as of May 2017

To apply for membership please download and complete

Installation fee

Service Fee Notes
1GE Port $300 Includes SFP transceiver and cabling
10GE Port $1000 includes SFP+ transceiver and cabling

If the peer can provide a Cisco Nexus compatible SFP or SFP+ transceiver and the necessary FO cables, CNX will wave the installation charge. Patch cord cables provided by the peer must be no longer then 1m.

There is no setup fee.

  • Unless mentioned otherwise all prices are in USD per month, excluding VAT
  • Invoicing is done on a monthly basis
  • The payment term is 30 days from the invoice date (as listed on the invoice)
  • Charging starts on the first ping

Our co-location partner is Sabay Digital, additional services are available up on request.

* Power will be charge at Riel 1300 per KW for co-located equipment.