April 2021 CNX service and port fees. CNX is a subsidiary of Sabay Digital Corporation (SDC) and all charges are invoiced via SDC.

Port fees and service fees (per month) in Cambodian Riel

Service Fee Notes
1GE port ៛ 400,000
10GE port ៛ 1,600,000
40GE port ៛ 4,000,000
PNI (virtual) ៛ 200,000 Private Network Interconnect (cross-connect)
PNI (physical) ៛ 400,000 Private Network Interconnect (cross-connect)
CUG ៛ 200,000 per Closed User Group (virtual)

To apply for membership please download and complete

Installation fee

Service Fee Notes
1GE Port ៛ 1,200,000 Includes SFP transceiver and cabling
10GE Port ៛ 4,000,000 includes SFP+ transceiver and cabling

If the peer can provide a Cisco compatible SFP or SFP+ transceiver and the necessary FO cables, CNX will wave the installation charge. Patch cord cables provided by the peer must be no longer than 1m.

There is no setup fee.

  • Unless mentioned otherwise all prices are in Khmer Riel per month, excluding VAT
  • Invoicing is done on a monthly basis
  • The payment term is 30 days from the invoice date (as listed on the invoice)
  • Charging starts on the first ping

Our co-location partner is Sabay Digital, additional services are available up on request.

* Power will be charge at EDC tariff (៛820 kWh) x Power Utilisation Efficiency (1.8) ~ ៛1,500 per kWh.