CNX membership is open to all AS with presenceĀ in Cambodia. Please contact our peering manager on details how to peer at the exchange. Our public telegram group for support and update can be found at

Member ASN Speed IPv4 IPv6 Policy Peering Coordinator
PCH WoodyNet 42 1GE ::38 open PCH Peering team .img@.img
PCH WoodyNet 3856 1GE ::39 open PCH Peering team .img@.img
Sabay Digital 7712 10GE ::10 open Peering .img@.img
Neocom 9902 1GE ::30 selective NOC .img@.img
Cellcard (CamGSM) 17976 10GE no selective Mao Ratha .img@.img
Online 23673 1GE ::22 open NOC .img@.img
Citylink 24441 1GE ::13 selective Lor Sokhok .img@.img
WiCAM 24492 1GE ::12 selective NOC .img@.img
Camintel 38209 1GE no selective Keo Chumneas .img@.img
PPCTV 38286 1GE no selective Rasmey Leang .img@.img
Metfone 38623 10GE no selective ISP NOC .img@.img
Ezecom 38901 10GE ::21 selective NOC .img@.img
Chuan Wei 45348 1GE ::18 selective CWT-NOC .img@.img
Smart Axiata 45498 10GE no open Network Infrastructure .img@.img
Telcotech 55329 1GE ::57 open Telcotech NOC .img@.img
SEA Telecom 55769 1GE ::35 open NOC .img@.img
Xinwei (Cootel) 58424 1GE no open An Pengsea .img@.img
BGPNET Global 64050 10GE ::43 open NOC .img@.img
Opennet 131178 10GE ::29 open Hai Nguyen .img@.img
MekongNet 38235 1GE ::11 open NOC .img@.img
SI Net 131207 1GE ::14 selective NOC .img@.img
Y5Net 131331 1GE no selective Sun Piseth .img@.img
MPTC 132599 1GE no open Sem Virak .img@.img
MaxBIT 132730 1GE ::32 open TEAV Sovandara .img@.img
SingMeng Telemedia 133070 10GE no open Network Dept. .img@.img
KingTel 134708 1GE ::27 open NOC .img@.img
ATA Telecom 135005 1GE no open Hun Sokhuy .img@.img
Today Communication 135375 1GE no open NOCĀ .img@.img
Information Beam 136786 1GE ::25 open Lay Minh .img@.img
Turbotech 137236 1GE ::61 selective Touch Seyha .img@.img
CamboTech 17981 10GE no open NOC .img@.img
iOneCloud 137537 10GE no open NOC .img@.img
Esurfing 138340 10GE no open Guan Shu Ying .img@.img
Bighub 137989 1GE ::51 open Leng Veasna .img@.img
Kaopu Cloud 138915 10GE ::15 open NOC .img@.img
Mega True Net 139628 1GE no open Ngoy Saro .img@.img
Bee Union 137811 1GE no open NOC .img@.img
Wingel 139285 1GE no open Huang Haibing .img@.img

IPv6 Network = 2001:de8:1d::0/64
open = peering partner accepts all prefixes
selective = peering partner may filter some prefixes

If you are an existing peer please also add CNX to your peeringDB record.

last update October 2020