The Domain Name System is a fundamental ‘glue’ which holds the internet together, without it the internet of today would stop functioning. Because of the role of the DNS as an essential facilitator in every network transaction, the DNS really is the most critical component of the Internet’s infrastructure these days.

IXP’s are key in hosting critical DNS infrastructure and we at CNX are supporting the operations of the DNS system with several initiatives by hosting the AS112 project and DNS root name servers.

DNS Root name servers are at the core of the DNS system, in short the root servers are the top, the last ‘.’ in the DNS system, they are the first responders for local DNS resolvers to find the root of it all.

There are currently 13 DNS root name servers, using IP anycast to operate distributed copies of themselves around the world. Cambodia currently is host to 5 root name server:

  • D-Root, operated by the University of Maryland and hosted at CNX
  • F-Root, operated by ISC and hosted at Mekongnet’s MIX
  • K-Root, operated by RIPE and hosted by Neocom in Cambodia (reachable via CNX)
  • L-Root, operated by Netnod and hosted by CNX
  • M-Root, operated by WIDE and hosted by CNX

In addition we support

  • AS112 for queries of private IPv4/v6 space RFC1918
  • PCH anycast service supporting 117 ccTLDs and 50 gTLDs
  • NETNOD’s DNSNODE system

CNX is working closely with all interested parties to strengthen the DNS system in Cambodia and to ensure the availability of a robust and redundant DNS system for Cambodia.