Configuration of route server at AS132213

BGP sessions default configuration

Route server general behaviours

Default filtering policy

NEXT_HOP attribute

AS_PATH attribute

IRRDBs prefix/origin ASN enforcement

RPKI BGP Prefix Origin Validation


Max-pref limit

Min/max prefix length

Rejected prefixes

Graceful BGP session shutdown

Announcement control via BGP communities

Function Standard Extended Large
Do not announce to any client 0:65534 rt:0:65534 132213:0:0
Announce to peer, even if tagged with the previous community 65534:peer_as rt:65534:peer_as 132213:1:peer_as
Do not announce to peer 0:peer_as rt:0:peer_as 132213:0:peer_as
Prepend the announcing ASN once to peer 65511:peer_as rt:65511:peer_as 132213:101:peer_as
Prepend the announcing ASN twice to peer 65512:peer_as rt:65512:peer_as 132213:102:peer_as
Prepend the announcing ASN thrice to peer 65513:peer_as rt:65513:peer_as 132213:103:peer_as
Prepend the announcing ASN once to any 65501:65534 rt:65501:65534 132213:101:0
Prepend the announcing ASN twice to any 65502:65534 rt:65502:65534 132213:102:0
Prepend the announcing ASN thrice to any 65503:65534 rt:65503:65534 132213:103:0
Add NO_EXPORT to peer 65281:peer_as rt:65281:peer_as 132213:65281:peer_as
Add NO_ADVERTISE to peer 65282:peer_as rt:65282:peer_as 132213:65282:peer_as

Reject reasons

ID Reason Standard Extended Large
0 Generic code: the route must be treated as rejected 65520:0 rt:65520:0 132213:65520:0
1 Invalid AS_PATH length 65520:1 rt:65520:1 132213:65520:1
2 Prefix is bogon 65520:2 rt:65520:2 132213:65520:2
3 Prefix is in global blacklist 65520:3 rt:65520:3 132213:65520:3
4 Invalid AFI 65520:4 rt:65520:4 132213:65520:4
5 Invalid NEXT_HOP 65520:5 rt:65520:5 132213:65520:5
6 Invalid left-most ASN 65520:6 rt:65520:6 132213:65520:6
7 Invalid ASN in AS_PATH 65520:7 rt:65520:7 132213:65520:7
8 Transit-free ASN in AS_PATH 65520:8 rt:65520:8 132213:65520:8
9 Origin ASN not in IRRDB AS-SETs 65520:9 rt:65520:9 132213:65520:9
10 IPv6 prefix not in global unicast space 65520:10 rt:65520:10 132213:65520:10
11 Prefix is in client blacklist 65520:11 rt:65520:11 132213:65520:11
12 Prefix not in IRRDB AS-SETs 65520:12 rt:65520:12 132213:65520:12
13 Invalid prefix length 65520:13 rt:65520:13 132213:65520:13
14 RPKI INVALID route 65520:14 rt:65520:14 132213:65520:14
15 Never via route-servers ASN in AS_PATH 65520:15 rt:65520:15 132213:65520:15
65535 Unknown 65520:65535 rt:65520:65535 132213:65520:65535